Flat Shims – Type FP9

  • 9 x 80 mm
  • Window & Door Fitting
  • Tapered to assist stacking and ease of use
  • Used for various applications
Available Sizes1mm Clear
2mm Clear
3mm Clear
4mm Clear
5mm Clear
6mm Clear
1mm Black
2mm Black
3mm Black
4mm Black
5mm Black
6mm Black
Packed In 100
(contact us for bespoke quantities)

Type FP9 glazing packers can help make your installation unit more secure and stable. When used to level off installations or to pack glass, our glazing packers help prevent deflections of a unit from its frame. The Type FP9 glazing packer’s are also useful to spread the weight of an installation more evenly, and to support hinge points. These glazing packers are also great for making sure your installation is vertical and square to the frame it is in.