Round End Shims – Type A

  • 45 x 55 mm
  • Window & Door Fitting
  • Round End Shim
  • Retainers for easy installation
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Tapered to assist stacking and ease of use
  • Used for various applications
Available Sizes1mm Yellow
2mm Green
3mm Blue
4mm Red
5mm Brown
6mm Black
Packed In 100
(contact us for bespoke quantities)

Whether you need to fit out a door jamb or a window, these Type A plastic frame packers are just the tools you need. The Type A Frame Packers’ extra wide girth gives you just that custom fitting you need to level off that installation. The rounded edge also makes this product apt for a variety of different applications. The combination of its ‘U’ shape and the retainers on the side make sure that it doesn’t fall off from where you put it.